JKS Warranty
BDS/Zone/JKS® (hereby referred to as PARTICIPATING BRANDS) Supplemental Drivetrain Limited Warranty

As part of its industry leading Factory Protection Plus Program, PARTICIPATING BRANDS suspension kits include the following Supplemental Limited Warranty of drivetrain components while your vehicle is covered by the new vehicle express drivetrain limited warranty supplied by Ford, General Motors, Chrysler or Toyota (the "OEM drive train warranty"). This Supplemental Drivetrain Limited Warranty is available free of charge to retail customers of PARTICIPATING BRANDS suspension kits newly installed as of 11/1/2013. Click here for qualifying suspension kits.

What is Covered?
Failures of Covered Drivetrain Components Your Dealer/OEM Warrantor Refuses to Repair

Subject to the terms, exclusions and limitations herein, 560PLUS LLC warrants to the initial retail purchaser of a PARTICIPATING BRANDS suspension kits, that during the Term of this Supplemental Limited Warranty, 560PLUS LLC shall repair or replace Covered Drivetrain Component Failures identified below which, upon 560PLUS LLC' reasonable investigation/inspection proves: (a.) a Failure during the period a Covered Drivetrain Component herein is also covered by the OEM driveline warranty and (b.) as to which the OEM warrantor denies coverage on the basis a PARTICIPATING BRANDS suspension kit was installed and caused the Failure. Repairs or replacements shall include pre-approved reasonable labor costs and may be made using new OEM or aftermarket supplied parts.

Coverage hereunder is expressly conditioned upon:
  • Installation of a PARTICIPATING BRANDS suspension Kit according to PARTICIPATING BRANDS instructions and recommendations as to tire/wheel size.
  • Customer's vehicle being covered by an OEM drivetrain warranty at time of installation and claim hereunder. Coverage is available only for vehicles first sold, registered and used in U.S. or Canada. At time of claim, vehicle must be available for inspection and repair in U.S. or Canada. Coverage not provided for vehicles with pre-existing damage, salvage, repurchased or other conditional title certificates.
  • Customer providing acceptable written proof vehicle's drivetrain components have been maintained per OEM service recommendations applicable to owner's use. Please keep all purchase and service/maintenance records.
  • Repair/replacement cost of all Covered Drive train Components does not exceed the Vehicle Limits defined below.
  • This Supplemental Drivetrain Limited Warranty may be assigned to a subsequent retail purchaser of your vehicle upon written request to 560PLUS LLC. 560PLUS LLC reserves the right to request verification of remaining OEM drivetrain warranty, coverage hereunder, proof of vehicle condition, service and maintenance history.

  • This Supplemental Drivetrain Limited Warranty is provided without cost as an exclusive feature of PARTICIPATING BRANDS suspension kits. The parties agree it is neither intended nor shall operate as an extended service contract, other type of insurance or a warranty on the complete vehicle or motorized chassis.

    Definitions Important to Your Supplemental Drivetrain Limited Warranty
    1. Covered Drivetrain Components:
  • A. Drivelines: All internally lubricated parts of transfer cases, drive shafts and differentials. Also covered are carrier bearings, front hub bearings and wheel bearings, axle shafts and constant velocity joints.
  • B. Automatic Transmission: All internally lubricated parts, bearings, torque converter and, vacuum modulator. Components of Electronic Stability Control system.
  • C. Manual Transmission: All internally lubricated parts. Does not include wear items such as pressure plate, clutch, throw-out bearings, pilot bearing or bushing, clutch master or slave cylinders, bell housing. Components of Electronic Stability Control system.
  • 2. Component Failure:
    Failure is defined as a defect in material or workmanship of an original drivetrain component supplied by the vehicle manufacturer which instantaneously renders a Covered Drivetrain Component inoperable. Failure does not include a gradual reduction in operating performance or expected service life due to: wear and tear, failure to maintain or damage resulting from a failure or wear and tear of a drive train or other vehicle component not covered herein.
    3. Term:
    The Term of this Supplemental Drivetrain Limited Warranty shall extend from the date sixty days (60) after installation of a PARTICIPATING BRANDS suspension kit meeting the conditions stated above, until the earlier of expiration of the original OEM drivetrain warranty covering the vehicle or 60,000/100,000 miles* from date of new vehicle purchase or lease. The Term shall not be modified by any third party extended warranty or other agreement. 560PLUS LLC reserves the right to modify any term herein including canceling this Supplemental Drivetrain Limited Warranty by notice posted on the PARTICIPATING BRANDS website PARTICIPATING BRANDS.com) provided such modification/cancelation shall not effect claims submitted in writing as of the date of notice.
    4. Vehicle Limits of Liability:
    560PLUS LLC maximum liability hereunder shall be the lesser of its' actual costs for repair or replacement of Covered Drivetrain Component Failures, up to a maximum of $5,000 per vehicle, PARTICIPATING BRANDS suspension kit or the average trade-in value of the vehicle per NADA guides at the time a claim is made. Notwithstanding paragraph 3, 560PLUS LLC payment of the maximum liability hereunder shall operate as an expiration of the Term. 560PLUS LLC' payment hereunder shall operate as an assignment to 560PLUS LLC of all customer's rights to seek reimbursement from third parties, including other warrantors and insurers. In consideration of the free coverage provided hereunder Customer further waives subrogation against 560PLUS LLC of any claims by third parties, including other warrantors and insurers. Customer agrees to provide 560PLUS LLC reasonable cooperation in collecting any such reimbursements.

    Don't expect us to fix vehicles with pre-existing problems, lack of OEM and PARTICIPATING BRANDS recommended maintenance or reverse the sometimes accelerated wear and tear expected on 4x4 vehicles. In other words, the following are not covered under your PARTICIPATING BRANDS Supplemental Driveline Limited Warranty:

  • Any damage to your vehicle or property owned by others outside the Covered Driveline Components described herein.
  • Progressive wear or loss of performance of vehicle or any vehicle component. Emission Control Systems.
  • Failure, damage or wear to Covered Driveline Components which, upon PARTICIPATING BRANDS' inspection/investigation are in PARTICIPATING BRANDS' opinion a result of: (a.) lack of required maintenance or routine service, (b.) fleet, rental or commercial use, (c.) defects or use which pre-dates installation of PARTICIPATING BRANDS suspension kit, (d.) customers use of components not supplied by PARTICIPATING BRANDS, (e.) customer choice of vehicle configuration contrary to PARTICIPATING BRANDS recommendations, warnings or applicable laws (f.) Acts of God, weather, corrosion, accidents, theft, vandalism, negligent misuse or intentional damage, other exclusions under OEM driveline warranty.
  • Neither PARTICIPATING BRANDS or any independent distributor are responsible for any time loss, loss of vehicle use, transportation costs, rental costs, diminution in value from installation of any suspension kit or repair/replacement of any Covered Driveline Component hereunder or any other incidental, consequential, punitive or other damages you may have or incur in connection with any PARTICIPATING BRANDS part purchased. No employee of PARTICIPATING BRANDS, independent distributor or other agent is authorized to modify the terms herein, except by written agreement with the managing member of 560PLUS LLC.

    Your exclusive remedy hereunder for Covered Driveline Components is 560PLUS LLC will repair or replace Failures as described above. All other warranties are hereby disclaimed, except to the extent prohibited by applicable law, in which case any implied warranty of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose or other implied warranty required by law shall not exceed the term of the express Supplemental Drivetrain Limited Warranty stated above. Consequential and incidental damages are not recoverable under this  Supplemental Drivetrain Limited Warranty. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you. This Limited Warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state.

    This Supplemental Limited Drivetrain Warranty shall be construed, interpreted and enforced in accordance with the laws of the State of Michigan. Any action or proceeding brought by 560PLUS LLC, customer or any other party, against the other(s) arising out of related to this warranty shall be brought solely in a Michigan court of competent jurisdiction, located in the County of Branch, Michigan, and PARTICIPATING BRANDS and customer hereby consent to the personal jurisdiction and venue of such courts of purposes of any such action or proceeding.


    For warranty related questions or claims, consult link at 560plus.com first then call us at 517-278-1227. Please have available your 560plus customer ID number, be prepared to provide copies of records reflecting vehicle purchase, maintenance and PARTICIPATING BRANDS suspension kit installation establishing warranty coverage hereunder.

    *5 Year/60,000 Miles on Ford and Toyota vehicles and 5 Year/100,000 Miles on Dodge/Ram, GM, Nissan and Jeep vehicles.